When we were Kitten Cats

I've been asked how cute these two were when they were kittens.  Well I have major regrets about not taking photos of them at the cat breeders home when I first saw them - they were adorable!  I went to see some Siamese kittens but took one look at the abyssinians and I was hooked for life.  Libby and Simba didn''t come to me until they were 15 weeks old as they had been entered into a cat show by the breeder, however they were still gorgeous then.  Enjoy the photos.

The bath was their favourite play area for the first few days.

This scratching post is still surviving 5 years on!

This was an old lambswool headrest turned inside out and Libby loved it until she could no longer fit into it.

One thing these guys love still - sleeping!

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