Save Our Friends

Today this blog is not about Libby and Simba it's a plea to help their animal friends.  A UN report, out today, has shown that 31% of the world's wildlife has been destroyed since 1970.  31% totally gone!  If we keep this up over 90% will be gone within a century.  Now I'm fairly sure we'll have saved the cats - and that's a good thing, but do we want to lose the beautiful Australian animals we all adore?  Do we want to lose kolas, wallabies, kangaroos, bandicoots, antechinus etc etc?

It's a sad day folks and I'd like to encourage everyone to do what they can to protect wildlife.  From a cat perspective, one of the best things is to make your cats "indoor only" cats.  Sadly they are part of the reason we are losing our wildlife and I am thrilled to have indoor cats as they are safe and so is my wildlife.

This little fellow is a pademelon.  They are small wallabies and very vulnerable.  Would we like to see them all destroyed?  As animal lovers let's all do our bit to save animals who have a right to share this planet with us.  Thanks for listening.

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