Cocoa Mulch Beware.

Every so often a warning hits my inbox that makes me take a second look.  This week it was an email warning of the dangers of a mulching product, called Cocoa Mulch.  I've had a look at a number of websites and there is reason to be concerned about this product.  Made from cocoa bean shells, it's aroma seems particularly attractive to dogs and it contains theobromine, as does the chocolate we eat, which is toxic to dogs and cats.

A couple of things about the email are incorrect, including the manufacturer.  Hershey's DO NOT manufacture this product.  Though one warning about Hershey's, a visit to their site brings on an instant need to eat chocolate if you are a chocoholic like me!

Here is what the hoax busting sites have to say about it.

So beware anything you decide to include around your beautiful pets.  Though my cats are indoors only, I still have plants in their area and do put mulch around them so it's a timely warning to be careful of anything we have in our environments and PLEASE don't feed chocolate to your pets.

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