Snakes Alive

It's a Cat's World all right.  These two delightful pusscats are at the fore front of my decision making, whether it's about taking a holiday, going out for the evening or even trying a Sunday morning lie in.  (Not possible - the moment Simba senses someone has opened their eyes he's up on the bed pushing under my chin and turning upside down in my arms.)

Simba is the closed eyed relaxed cat on the right of the blog header picture.  His sister Libby is the more alert cat on the left.  My partner calls them Garfield and Fatso, though a friend of mine was polite enough to call Libby "bonny" rather than fat.

They came to live here five years ago this month and they are indoor cats.  Why indoors?  Well a couple of reasons.  Firstly I was involved in wildlife care and I've seen what cats do to our native wildlife.  These two are natural born killers and any cricket
or lizard that inadvertantly enters their world is quickly pounced upon.  Secondly, they have absolutely no outdoor smarts!  I live on a country property and these two have been known to stalk, (from the safety of indoors) large goannas which would snap them in two in a second.  On one occasion a small whip snake managed to get inside and when I spotted Simba playing with it and I came to the rescue, he grabbed the snake in the middle and was bitten several times before I could save them both.  So basically if I let them out they'd kill as much as they could before they were kiilled by their own curiosity.

Simba with his swollen chin after being bitten by the whip snake.  Enough venom and he may not have survived.

So why Abyssinians?  Well I love dogs, but I am surrounded by kangaroos and wallabies here and you can't have an indoor dog and Abyssinians are as doglike as you'll find a cat.  As I write this Libby is sitting on my desk, slowly waving her tail across the keyboard to remind me where my attention should be!  They are never far away, greet us at the door when we come home and still love to play even though they have long since left kittenhood.

I hope you'll enjoy the tales I have to tell about them.  Until next time.  Meow!  

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