My two cats are brother and sister from the same litter and yet they are so very different.  Let me give you an example.  If I sit down in my chair to watch TV Libby might jump onto my lap, she'll paddle me for several minutes, (that's what I call the kneading action with her front paws on my tummy), and just when you think she is going to settle, she'll jump off and head to her food dish and look back at me as if to say, "Well I gave you some love, now you give me some food!".  When I don't move she'll come back and repeat the process, again and again and again.  Simba is the opposite.  He jumps up, gives me one nuzzle under the chin, turns around and curls up and we both have a lovely peaceful time.

When it comes to food, again they are quite different.  Simba will eat just about anything, but not miss finickity pants.  Yes I know, human food is for humans and cat food is for cats, but just occasionally we offer a tiny treat, (hmm could this be why Libby is so "bonny"?).  Anyway some things Libby will have
, fresh meat as long as it doesn't have any fat and is cut into dainty pieces, some fresh fish but not all and don't even think about anything like cream.  Simba begs every morning for a tiny spoon of yoghurt, Miss Libby just raises her tail and turns away in disgust.  Simba will take on anything as this picture shows.
Finally there is the morning ritual.  Simba waits until he hears me speak and then he leaps onto the bed, comes up onto my pillow, nudges me in the chin, (this is a very "aby" habit - they love being head to head with you), and snuggles under my arm turning upside down and stretching out in great pleasure.  Sadly Miss Libby generally arrives at about 4am and she isn't interested in whether I'm awake or not.  She has the world's loudest purr and she creeps her way up to my face to plant a wet cat kiss on my cheek.  I think her expectation is, yet again, that I should leap out of bed and feed her.  I usually gently push her away from my face and she curls up in the crook of my legs, purrs loudly for another ten minutes or so and then we both go back to sleep.  I'm sure she goes to sleep thinking, "I'll have this human well trained soon."

As these stories unfold you'll learn more of their different personalities.  Why we call Miss Libby the bag cat and who loves to play and which one is the water cat.  Stay tuned. 

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