Cat Caring Book

I was asked about my favourite cat books and I have a couple of favourite "caring" books that I use for Libby and Simba and one I often grab to see how I can tackle a problem the natural way is The New Natural Cat - A complete Guide for Finicky Owners" by Anitra Frazier. 

It's a tough book if you just want to "feed and forget" as Anitra recommends you create your own food and has a number of vitamin/mineral blends she adds in to improve their health.  It can be time consuming, but when my two had some issues after contracting cat flu before they came to me I found the natural diet a god send. 

The guide to common feline problems section is a quick look-up area that gives you tips on diet, remedies and even how you might change the environment to tackle certain issues.

It was also a great guide when the cats first arrived as it had been about 30 years since I'd had a pet, so ensuring they transitioned into our family well was important to me and also understanding proper grooming.  From teaching you how to say to your cat "Goodbye and I'll be back" to giving pills, it's all covered comprehensively here.

Oops just remembered I promised you the story of the "big hoppy mouse at the door".  I was distracted by a friend's question so I promise it will happen tomorrow. Bye for now.

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