By your side at the desk or decluttering

Well more accurately, on your shoulders.  This is Libby's favourite position when I'm at my desk.  I think I may end up something like the hunchback of Notre Dame.

So last night I decided to declutter a cupboard.  I'm having a major decluttering campiagn at the moment.  Over the years I've accumulated so much "stuff", much of which
 is never used.  When I've tidied things up before I've looked at things and thought "Oh well maybe one day I might need it."  Now I'm trying to say, "I haven't used it in a couple of years, better it goes to someone who does need it!"  The local Westpac Rescue Helicopter Op Shop really likes this change in me.  So do I.  With more space I am wasting less time looking for things and just feel, well freed up.  Anyway as always the pusscats wanted to help me with the organising!

"Well for goodness sake my tail followed me in here."

"Come on up Simba, Mum's not looking."
"What you doing in there Libby?"

"Haha I went higher than you did!"

Plenty of puss cat adventures to come.  Enjoy.

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